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The fish canning factory of Conservas de pescado La Pureza was set up in 1924 by Vicente Docanto Martínez, in Cariño (province of A Coruña), a coastal town with a longstanding traditional of canning. Today, it is run by the third generation of the same family, and continues to produce salted and canned fish according to traditional methods, using top quality fish caught mostly off the Galician coast.

The prime quality of Galicia´s natural produce, coupled with the region´s traditional occupation of fishing and canning, our many years of experience is this sector, and the care and expertise with which this fishing community handles fish, all combine to turn out canned produce of the highest quality that satisfies even the most demanding palates.

Where we are?

We are in Cariño (Province of Coruña), in the area Cape Ortegal.

Its excellent location on the coast, where the Cantabrian Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, allows it access to fresh raw material of the highest quality. This is complemented by the fishing and canning tradition of the town, and the skilled and careful hands of the local people employed by the company, which together combine to produce exquisite canned fish and seafood.

100% Traditional

We operates strict rules in the matter of hygiene and sanitation, and implements quality control at all stages of the production process. By careful selection of the products and fine traditional hand processes, the company is able to offer canned goods of excellent quality capable of satisfying the most demanding palate, and is thus highly regarded by its customers. In 2004 Gallaecia, the Galician Association of Sommeliers, chose Jesús Manuel Docanto for its award of Distinguished Craftsman of the Year, in recognition of the high quality of La Pureza´s Products.