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Tinned food in vegetable oil

Our country is well-known as a great manufacturer of olive oil. Most tinned fish is soaked in this oil, often known as liquid gold. There are many kinds of vegetable oil. The most widely used: sunflower oil, recommended in cuisine because it contributes linoleic acid, Omega 6 and vitamin E.

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  • Atlantic scallops

    A bivalve mollusc from the Pectinidae family, and similar to the regular scallop. Our sauce intensifies the taste and makes it a magnificent aperitif.

  • Garfish

    Also known as white marlin, the garfish is a blue fish with a characteristic and exquisite taste and a delicate texture. Given its high content in calcium, phosphorus and Omega 3 it is one of the healthiest tinned fish.

  • Tuna fish

    Tuna fish fat makes this a juicy bite, very healthy and rich in Omega 3. Just like albacore, careful preparation and its natural properties make tuna the ideal fish for tinning. 

  • Albacore tuna

    The king of the Cantabrian. Its pinkish white fillet and intense taste of the sea mean that this is the most popular tinned fish. Traditionally made just as it was almost a century ago, our albacore tuna is a delicacy for the most exquisite palates.

  • Little sardines

    Chosen by various media as one of the top ten tinned sardines in the country. “Subtle, silky and tasty in the mouth. Perfect”. An honour for us.

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items